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InternationalCriticism Leveled at Prince Harry for Reviewing Troops in a Manner Reminiscent...

Criticism Leveled at Prince Harry for Reviewing Troops in a Manner Reminiscent of a ‘Working Royal’ Despite Loss of Military Titles


Prince Harry faces backlash for inspecting Nigerian troops during private visit, criticised of behaving like a working royal despite stepping back from duties.

Prince Harry's recent visit to a military base in Nigeria has sparked controversy. The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex recently took a trip to the South African country as part of their Invictus commitments and toured various regions, including the capital Abuja and vibrant Lagos. Harry who stepped back from senior royal duties in 2020 and subsequently gave up his honorary military titles, was caught in a video inspecting troops in a manner some dubbed as “cringeworthy” and inappropriate for someone who no longer holds an official military position.

Prince Harry caught inspecting Nigerian troops

“He is not a working royal why is he acting like one,” an internet user wrote on X (Twitter) commenting on a video of the Duke inspecting the Nigerian troops. Several of the event emerged spotlighting the rebellious royal visiting the Nigerian Headquarters in Abuja, where he was welcomed with ceremonial performances. A royal commentator criticised the couple for still ‘cashing in the name of the Royal family' despite stepping back from their royal duties in 2020.

Harry receives flak for showing ‘odd' behaviour at Nigerian defence headquarters

Royal followers were not impressed with what they saw. Despite being the guest of Nigeria's highest-ranking military official, Christopher Musa, many found it extremely odd the way Harry tried to relive his old days, something he “would have done 10 years ago.”

“Why King Charles can't stop them? They really think it's a Royal Tour. It's cringy,” a user wrote on social media. Several others chimed in too. “Cmmon he is not even the working royal why is he doing this.” “Harry has only been away playing dress up, pretending to inspect the troops and standing to attention to the Anthem as though he's still a Senior working Royal representing King & Country.”

However, few even rallied to defend the Duke citing he was the special guest of the day, invited personally by the officials. know there's not a head of state involved but I guess that the head of the military can invite anyone who is his guest to inspect the troops. Prince Harry was invited on this private visit as Patron of the IG so it's up to Nigeria to decide on the programme. Just ignore it!”

Prince William receives the honourary military title

The divided views come on the heels of Prince William receiving the title of Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps, a post that many thought would go to Prince Harry because of his close relationship with the title. However, the Prince of Wales is now the head of the regiment once served by Harry during his time in the British Army. Prince Harry, who served for 10 years, rose to the rank of Apache helicopter commander and was deployed in Afghanistan twice.


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