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EditorialCritical Issue, All Should Take Care!

Critical Issue, All Should Take Care!


As division is reeling under severe heat wave, there are certain precautions which have become imperative to ensure safe dwelling. Besides taking personnel care to beat the heat, there are many other crucial issues and aspects which are required to be taken care of like saving the properties from fire incidents as the chances of infernos go high during dry summers especially when the mercury crosses 40 degree Celsius mark.

In this context, J&K Disaster Management Authority (JKDMA) has sounded an alert regarding forest fires. It has asked the residents to keep an eye on any wildfire and report it immediately before it spreads to a dangerous extent. The same is true for establishments and even domestic dwelling sites because high temperatures can escalate things in no time.

The step taken by JKDMA in the direction to avoid forest fires is laudable and it is necessary that every citizens living or passing by through forests should keep an eagle eye view to notice any fire whether big or small and report the same to any of the concerned authorities to save the green gold, animal kingdom and the people associated with these places. It is often seen that during peak summer time, forests become vulnerable to fire incidents and therefore watchfulness as demanded by the aforesaid authority can play a vital role in saving the treasure of woods and fauna. Pinpointing the risk, the JKDMA has declared that extreme fire risk is likely to occur over forest areas in the next seven days.

In this regard, the aforesaid authority has asked the people to report the incident (if any) on 112 for prompt response.

It is pertinent to mention that forest fire incidents have become common during the past few days in areas of Udhampur, Reasi and Rajouri.

Besides remaining alert, it is also necessary that people living in the vicinity of forests should not kindle fire for any reasons and in case it is necessary then proper provision should be ensured to douse it properly after the work is accomplished as many times such incidents trigger major fires in the forests. Those who smoke should also carefully dispose-off the butts   of their cigarettes and in case of Beedis, the same should also be thrown with great care as these also have the potential to start wildfires.






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