Countering Terrorism with new impetus!

After the recent change of guard in and Police, things are bound to change with exploration of new strategies and scope to quell violence and separatism in the region though already much has been achieved in this direction.  The new top cop R R Swain is upbeat with his plans and policy to combat terrorism as he has made public certain strategic decisions to effectively handle those indulging in anti-national acts giving clear cut indication that he is here and he means business.

Showing seriousness and determination, the DG JKP has shown the that he is resolute on eliminating last terrorist in the queue in J&K. Reportedly, he has declared that recruiting people for terrorist organisations will be treated as an act of terror as law enforcement agencies are cracking down on those involved in recruitment for terrorist groups as well as narcotic dealers and smugglers.

The strong resolve shown by the DGP Swain is the need of the time as any complacency in dealing with terrorism can prove deleterious once again as much has been done and only a little effort is required to bail out J&K from the turbulent times and turmoil.

The administration needs kudos for giving the responsibility to steer police in J&K to DGP Swain as he holds vast experience and commitment towards this target. The strong warning to those who subtly support separatism and violence-mongering was necessary at this juncture but what is more important is the fact that what has been said should also be implemented on ground in and spirit to deter those entities which on the behest of Pakistan abet terrorism on Indian soil. A stringent action should follow the announcement to make sure that people indulging in aforesaid misadventures should be taught lessons of life as only warnings and nothing on ground will bring no change.

As all eyes are now on JKP's changed status therefore the DGP should take things very seriously and finally come out with flying colours by establishing much awaited peace in the Union Territory as statements by people helming the affairs of J&K about dying terrorism should be transformed into a reality, which will ultimately prove his mettle.