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    EntertainmentBollywood Star Manisha Koirala Opens Up About Uncomfortable Experience Defying Photographer's Demands...

    Bollywood Star Manisha Koirala Opens Up About Uncomfortable Experience Defying Photographer’s Demands Early in Career


    star Manisha Koirala recently shared an account from the early days of her career, when a prominent photographer pressured her into wearing a revealing outfit she did not feel comfortable with. In a new interview, the actress reflected on how things have changed over time in the industry.

    Recounting the incident, Koirala said that early on she was asked to do a photoshoot. Upon meeting with the well-known photographer, she was accompanied by her mother for support. While initially complimentary about her potential, the photographer later unexpectedly presented her with a bikini to wear – something she only wears casually at the beach. Politely but firmly, she declined, stating she did not feel it was necessary for the shoot.

    According to Koirala, the photographer reacted negatively, dismissing her hesitation. She recalled his retort when made aware of her boundaries: “The clay that refuses to melt, how do I make a statue from it?” Though offended by the remark, Koirala held her ground and refused to compromise her values. She recognized that attitudes have evolved since then but was still troubled by how normalized certain mindsets once were.

    Looking back, Koirala acknowledged differing perspectives people can have based on their experiences. While unhappy with the treatment, she understood it may have simply reflected the standards of that time rather than ill intent. The actress has since come a long way in her highly successful career, though this instance from her past continues to stand out as a learning experience. Manisha Koirala's courage to assert herself even early on set an example for others in the industry.

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