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    InternationalBiden Struggles Mightily in First Debate Against Resurgent Trump

    Biden Struggles Mightily in First Debate Against Resurgent Trump


    President Biden faced intense scrutiny in his debate against former President Trump last week as his performance exposed vulnerabilities that could endanger his reelection bid. The much-anticipated showdown in Atlanta was viewed as a crucial opportunity for Biden to reassure voters and reverse his declining poll numbers, yet his unsteady delivery and inability to marshal coherent arguments raised serious new concerns about his candidacy.

    Biden visibly struggled from the outset, stammering over key policy details and failing to complete his thoughts. He struggled to land convincing attacks on Trump while defending his own record, appearing confused at times. The former President, though prone to exaggeration and lacking in specifics, portrayed a relative crispness in contrast. Polls after the debate showed Biden's support had taken a substantial hit, intensifying the pressure as he looks to regain momentum.

    Some of Biden's roughest moments came when addressing top issues like abortion rights and economic policies. He fumbled explanations for his stance on the controversial Supreme Court ruling and seemed to conflate various healthcare programs in one rambling response. When challenged about his age and capacity for the job, Biden offered a meandering non-answer that veered off topic.

    While Trump made misleading claims and dodged accountability as usual, Biden's lackluster showing reinforced the dominant narrative of a flagging candidacy. Democrats now face difficult decisions about whether to sustain a flawed incumbent or search for an alternative. Either choice threatens further discord as they try defending the White House against Trump's intensifying challenge. The consequential debate appearance did little to resolve Biden's mounting challenges and instead raised deeper questions about his viability in the upcoming election cycle.

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