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    Life StyleBenefits of Tulsi Water for Health and Wellness

    Benefits of Tulsi Water for Health and Wellness


    Revered in Hindu traditions for ages, tulsi or holy basil is known for its remarkable healing abilities. While used extensively in Ayurveda, one simple way to reap its rewards is by steeping fresh tulsi leaves in water to make a aromatic and nourishing beverage. Commonly called ‘tulsi water', this drink is gaining popularity for its diverse perks.

    Speaking about the preparation of tulsi water, renowned nutritionist Kanika Malhotra explains that fresh basil leaves are simmered in water for a few minutes before use. “Adding the leaves to hot water allows its potent properties to infuse into the liquid.” She notes this infusion made from the sacred herb can be consumed on a daily basis to uplift physical and mental balance.

    In terms of benefits, indicates tulsi water acts as a immune enhancer. Its strong antioxidants may shield cells from damage while supporting natural defenses. Tulsi is also considered an “adaptogen” that helps the body cope with stress. Sipping its calming brew could thus soothe frazzled nerves.

    Furthermore, tulsi water flaunts carminative effects that relieve indigestion symptoms. Studies point to its ability to regulate gastrointestinal movement. For respiratory woes, this Ayurvedic drink has historically eased issues like coughs and colds too. Overall, its anti-inflammatory nature aims to maintain overall health and wellness.

    While generally safe, some individuals should avoid tulsi water. “Those on blood thinners or pregnant/nursing women may want to clear use with their medical provider first due to possible herb-drug interactions,” advises Malhotra. People with mint family allergies too could react to basil. Overall, following basic precautions, tulsi water stands as a comforting home remedy worth incorporating in daily rituals.

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