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OpinionsAI to combat auditory impairment

AI to combat auditory impairment


Sarika Jha

In , the prevalence of hearing impairment is a significant concern, affecting millions across various age groups. According to the World Organization, approximately 63 million people in India grapple with significant auditory impairments, emphasizing the critical need for effective interventions and solutions. Furthermore, with India's ageing population expected to double by 2050, surpassing the number of children, the incidence of hearing impairment is anticipated to escalate, highlighting the urgency for proactive measures to tackle this pressing health issue.

According to the 75th Sample Survey (NSS) report of 2017-2018, hearing disability was estimated in 0.3% of the Indian population, with nearly half of them reporting an inability to hear anything or only loud sounds. The objective should be to mitigate preventable deafness, decrease the burden of deafness to less than 1%, and empower individuals with hearing impairments to lead economically and socially productive lives.

The introduction of Genesis AI to patients and hearing care professionals in India heralds a significant advancement. This technology expands the functionalities of hearing aids remarkably, transforming them from mere listening enhancement devices to discreet, multipurpose health and communication tools. “With Genesis AI, we have greatly expanded the capabilities of hearing aids beyond expectations. It is the largest leap forward ever in hearing technology, transforming hearing aids from single-function listening enhancement devices into discreet, multipurpose health and communication tools,” says Brandon Sawalich, President of Starkey. AI intervention in hearing technology marks a quantum leap, offering unparalleled sound clarity, advanced health-tracking capabilities, and personalized user experiences.

Dr Achin Bhowmik, Chief Technology Officer of Starkey, underscores the significance of Genesis AI, which reflects years of research and innovation dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with hearing loss. The advanced features and cutting-edge technology of Genesis AI establish a new standard for excellence in hearing care.

With a sophisticated Neuro Processor boasting six times the transistors and four times the speed of previous generations, Genesis AI delivers unparalleled sound processing and clarity. Enhanced sound processing facilitates improved speech understanding in diverse environments, t. Besides, new AI devices have fall alerts in them. If a patient wearing the device falls an immediate alert goes to his near and dear who can come for help. The AI-powered devices are indeed communication devices, they would be translating the audio signals in the chosen language enabling people to communicate seamlessly.

Genesis AI introduces a cutting-edge Advanced Neuro Processor, boasting six times the transistors and four times the speed of its predecessors. This innovative processor mimics the function of the central auditory system, delivering unparalleled sound processing and clarity. Coupled with a Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery providing up to 51 hours of usage on a single charge, users can enjoy uninterrupted usage throughout their day. Furthermore, integrated Health Tracking Sensors monitor activity levels, detect falls, and track overall health metrics, empowering users to proactively manage their well-being. With enhanced sound processing capabilities, Genesis AI optimises speech understanding and reduces background noise, ensuring clear communication in any . Its innovative features and advanced capabilities address the urgent need for effective solutions in mitigating the challenges posed by hearing loss, thereby empowering individuals to engage fully in social and economic activities. AI is offering hope for a future where accessibility and inclusivity are paramount.


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