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Life StyleWhy you should stick to eating one type of millet at a...

Why you should stick to eating one type of millet at a time for optimal health benefits


Millets are popping up on many -conscious menus these days for good reason – they are deliciously nutritious. Packed with fiber, protein and antioxidants, millets can boost well-being and aid conditions like diabetes when incorporated regularly. However, when starting a millet routine, it's important to follow one simple rule for deriving their maximum benefits – focus on one type per meal.

Nutritionists advise against mixing different millet grains in a single sitting. While all boast nourishing properties, they vary in makeup. Some have a higher protein or fiber content than others. Consuming different millets together can impact digestion and nutrient absorption.

To easily work millets into your diet while listening to your body, opt for one variety per meal. Have foxtail millet for breakfast smoothies, then finger millet rotis with lunch. Save little millet pudding for dinner. Over the course of a day or week, enjoy an assortment of tempting millet meals focused on one grain at a time.

With a little planning, it's no trouble to reap millets' disease-fighting goodness through tasty recipes tailored to individual grains. Stick with the simple approach of single-millet meals for peak wellness outcomes from nature's nutritious superfoods.

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