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    Why Nose Jobs Consistently Top Plastic Surgery Regret Lists

    While cosmetic procedures like breast augmentations and liposuctions have become increasingly commonplace, one operation consistently leads to post-op regret – rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. According to renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, nose reshaping surgeries elicit more regret and dissatisfaction than any other aesthetic modification.

    In a recent interview, Dr. Youn revealed that a significant percentage of rhinoplasty patients end up disappointed with the results. He explained that the nose is one of the most prominent facial features, sitting centrally between the eyes. Even a minor change to its shape or size can dramatically alter one's whole appearance. However, it can be difficult for both surgeons and patients to accurately envision the outcome prior to surgery.

    Common issues causing nose regrets include an over- or under-corrected look, unnatural appearance, breathing difficulties, and changes that don't match the desired aesthetic goals. Dr. Youn advised patients to have realistic expectations, thoroughly discussing their objectives with multiple board-certified facial plastic surgeons. High-quality before-and-after can help evaluate a doctor's artistry and success rate. While rhinoplasty aims to boost confidence, failed expectations often do the opposite.

    With careful planning and by heeding the expert advice of top rhinoplasty specialists, the odds of a satisfactory nose surgery outcome can be greatly improved. While no procedure is risk-free, those who regret their nose wish they had done more to find the right surgeon for their unique case.

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