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    TechnologyWhy Apple's new AI platform Apple Intelligence requires the latest iPhone and...

    Why Apple’s new AI platform Apple Intelligence requires the latest iPhone and Mac models


    Apple Intelligence Requires Powerful New Hardware

    Apple’s recently announced AI platform “Apple Intelligence” promises transformational new features like an upgraded Siri, real-time transcription and language generation tools. However, many users were disappointed to learn these capabilities will initially only be available on the latest iPhone and Mac models.

    John Giannandrea, Apple’s AI chief, has shed light on the technical requirements behind this limitation. He explained that running sophisticated neural networks like those powering Apple Intelligence is “incredibly computationally expensive”. Large language models require massive processing power and memory to function in real-time.

    While older devices could theoretically run these models, it would result in an extremely sluggish experience that would not be useful for users. Only the powerful new Apple Silicon M2 chip and A16 processor found in the latest iPhone 15 Pro and Macs have enough “bandwidth” and “oomph” to quickly handle intensive AI tasks on device.

    This dependency on new hardware does not appear to be a deliberate tactic to drive sales. Apple notes that limiting early access only to iPhones and iPads would have sufficed if that was the goal. Upgrades will no doubt improve the experience, but the current hardware limitations are simply not capable of providing a smooth experience with Apple Intelligence’s advanced features.

    Looking ahead, it remains to be seen if the standard iPhone 16 model will include full support later this year. For now, users wanting to experience Apple’s new AI capabilities will need to upgrade to the most powerful iPhone 15 Pro or an iPad with the M2 chip and beyond. Only time will tell how Apple can optimize its technologies to bring more of its Intelligence to older devices.

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