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Life StyleWhen Can Diabetics Safely Get a Pedicure? Experts Reveal the Do's and...

When Can Diabetics Safely Get a Pedicure? Experts Reveal the Do’s and Don’ts


Getting a pedicure is a relaxing self-care ritual many look forward to. However, for those living with diabetes, it's important to be cautious about foot . Our experts share their insights on when pedicures are safe or unsafe for diabetics.

Dr. KVNN Santosh Murthy, a podiatrist, advises that pedicures can help prevent infections and ulcers if done properly. The key is paying attention to circulation. Only those with no signs of peripheral artery disease can enjoy pedicures without worry. A simple at-home test checks capillary filling – press a toe and note how quickly it regains color. Instant refill means good circulation and low pedicure risk.

For diabetics with circulation issues, problems may arise. Dr. Honey Savla, an internist, explains pedicures then pose infection risks as nicked skin heals slowly. It's best to avoid them during active problems and focus on prevention instead. Daily foot checks, proper shoes that don't cause pressure, and diabetes management are equally important for foot health.

Some pedicure tips include avoiding direct heat or cuts to nails or cuticles. Smooth nail edges to prevent scratches too. Be vigilant for any signs of injury that don't immediately heal. Experts also warn against smoking which can worsen diabetes-related circulation problems.

With effective self-care and medical guidance, most diabetics can safely enjoy occasional pedicures. But when in doubt, it's always best to consult your physician and assess foot health first. Your circulation status and diabetes control will determine whether pedicures pose potential risks or remain a relaxing treat. Overall foot wellness requires a team effort.

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