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Life StyleWatch out for early signs of large joint disease in hips and...

Watch out for early signs of large joint disease in hips and knees



“Before it's too late: Watch out for these early signs of joint trouble”

Many people experience aches and pains in their hips or knees as they get older, dismissing it as regular discomfort that comes with age. However, these signs could actually be your body trying to warn you about a more serious underlying condition called large joint disease.

As our joints, especially hips and knees, bear the load of daily activities, it is important to pay attention to any recurring pains or issues in these areas. According to experts, prolonged discomfort that limits mobility and is not relieved with rest may indicate the degeneration of cartilage in the joints known as osteoarthritis. Some common signs to look out for include pain while walking or climbing stairs, swelling, sounds from the joints (crepitus), and visible deformity over time.

While occasional minor aches can be normal, it is advised not to ignore recurrent or persistent pains. Early diagnosis allows for timely treatment management which can help slow the progression of the disease. Lifestyle factors like excessive weight, lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking and alcohol consumption elevate the risk. Maintaining a healthy weight, balanced nutrition, regular low-impact workout and avoiding harmful habits can go a long way in joint care.

If warning signs persist, doctors recommend consulting an orthopedic specialist without delay. Timely medical evaluation can determine the severity and suggest appropriate interventions. With a customised treatment plan focusing on weight loss, supplements, physiotherapy and lifestyle changes, long-term mobility and quality of life can be preserved for those affected. So next time you feel that twinge, don't just write it off – it could be your body's way of alerting you to take preventive action.

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