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EditorialWandering along LoC cannot be by chance!

Wandering along LoC cannot be by chance!


The report that a large number of people, who were picked up by the security forces from places near the Border and Line of Control in the last few years, were found to be mentally challenged cannot be taken at face value and without suspicion. Such incidents mount an obvious pressure on every sane mind to ponder that why on earth all these men and women throng borders with Pakistan and after their arrest, the situation emerges that their minds are not sound and their itinerary to the sensitive border was just a matter of chance.

In this context, now a Bangladeshi , again appearing to be mentally challenged, was detained in a forward village near the Line of Control (LoC) in Pallanwalla area of Akhnoor sub-division.

Reportedly, an Army patrol party saw the person, who seemed to be a vagrant, at Lower Kot Maira in Khour area, who was later apprehended for questioning. It seems that mentally unsound population is guided towards the borders for accomplishing things detrimental for because wandering near borders mentally challenged seem to be in vogue these days and in case of arrests, there is a predefined alibi to act like a person who is mentally challenged. As the aforesaid person picked up by the army possessed Bangladeshi currency note, a coin, three SIM cards, one student card, some bills and a diary, the security forces and the police should probe the matter thoroughly as finding a national of a country, which is thousands of miles away from that country, in raises many doubts.

The security forces should not take such things in a lighter way because they should not forget that rogue country Pakistan is on the other side of the borders and it has waged a proxy war against India justifying every apprehension of the Indian security forces in cases when foreigners are being caught near borders.

It is not at all advisable to believe what these intruders and other people picked by the security agencies under suspicion claim as this has the potential to lead to difficulties in the later stage because the IB and LoC are crucial as far as Pakistan's misadventures are concerned.

As in many cases in the past such people have been allowed to go back to their countries but looking into the frequency of such incidents the security forces should not act in a hurry and must not allow the aforesaid person to leave the country without holding a comprehensive investigation and ruling out all possibilities.





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