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OpinionsUS Universities held captive to the pro-Palestine students

US Universities held captive to the pro-Palestine students


Er.Rajesh Pathak

Last year amid Israel-Hamas  war  one Member of Parliament of Kerala went so  ‘deeply' struck by the pain of elimination of Palestinians that he had gone on record to call upon  that  President Netanyahu of Israel be penalized with direct  death without legal trial, in the open public meeting organized in the  protest! The same ‘compassion' has now found the place into the hearts of Leftist-Jihadist doctrine inspired students of American Universities. So volatile turned the frenzy against Israel that now Yale, Ohio, Texas, Los Angeles, Harvard like 21 universities are at loss to find the way out of it!

In tandem with China, the country like Qatar and rich like Soros have opened the coffer of their wealth. America's politicians- journalists- advocates all needs money. In return they (Qatar-Soros- China) want the laws of the country suitable to  them, and  administration being lenient towards illegal infiltrators and chaotic elements fed and sustained by them .  On the other side Biden already has once said that, if not checked, the hordes of illegal immigrants will one day deface America's demography to the extent of one being unable to recognize it. It is then only that Donald Trump also had to tell   in a convention held in view of coming election in the country that   hobnobbing with fascist forces, leftists had been notorious for adopting  all kind of  tactics  to wipe out Christianity and Church in the history. And now they are fully implementing every mean however unethical to take America away from Christianity. But if he would win back to reach white house in the election he would protect with all might the Christian values from leftists, and would see them  flourish yet again.

That's not all, what   ex aide of Trump, Steve Bannon has to say ,  after that nothing left to utter anymore. According to him hijacked by pro Palestine jihadists the US colleges have become more dangerous than cartel-controlled parts of Mexico. They have led the movement more anti-America than ever seen on the street of country. The Colleges are gradually drifting to be more and more threatening and unsafe for Jewish students and Christian conservatives. (The Sun, The British tabloid newspaper)

The concerns are not unfounded. From the raid Police made into the campus of the Universities now the hate-filled radicalised literatures have been unearthed from the possession of  those  arrested. Half of them are alleged to have been outsider  illegal-infiltrators, nothing to do with study. They came organised for the sake of  their fellow co-religionists, obviously !




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