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    TechnologyTrai launches new reporting platform to curb fraudulent phone communications

    Trai launches new reporting platform to curb fraudulent phone communications


    In today's digital age, online fraud and deception have become all too common. Using various tactics, scammers try to dupe people into sharing private details or money. To better assist citizens and curb such malicious activities, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of (Trai) has introduced a new online resource called ‘Chaksu'.

    Chaksu, which means ‘eye' in Hindi, allows anyone to privately report phone numbers engaged in suspected fraudulent behavior. The platform covers a wide range of deceitful practices related to banks, payments, documents and more. Upon submission, Trai examines complaints and takes necessary action against culprit phone lines.

    The process is simple. Individuals choose the category that applies, like impersonation or job scams. Extra context like screenshots can be included optionally. Basic personal details along with a description help validate the issue. To maintain security, phone number verification occurs to submit.

    Chaksu specifically targets dodgy calls, texts and messaging apps. However, it does not replace legal options for monetary crimes. In those situations, alternative resources such as the cybercrime helpline can be of use.

    By establishing this centralized portal, Trai aims to better safeguard telecom users. With a streamlined reporting system, possible crooks can be identified and shut down faster. Citizens now have a trusted avenue to potentially thwart impersonators and protect others from similar experiences. A safer digital community is the ultimate goal of this timely initiative.

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