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Life StyleTracing the evolving popularity of eggs in Indian cuisine and regions

Tracing the evolving popularity of eggs in Indian cuisine and regions


Eggs have long been considered the perfect morning meal across the for their nutrient-rich profile packed with high-quality protein. However, many are unaware of the fascinating evolution in the consumption of this versatile ingredient in Indian cuisine. In this article, we delve into the historical popularity of eggs on our shores and an easy recipe to try at home.

While poultry rearing provided a steady source of eggs for centuries, records from the 17th century note their uncommon presence on Bengali plates. Even traveller accounts from earlier eras indicate a cultural taboo around consuming eggs in Hindu communities. However, once embraced, Indians wholeheartedly incorporated eggs into beloved preparations such as the classic Nargisi Kofta dish.

Over time, distinct egg-focused delicacies also emerged across diverse regions. Parsis are renowned for creatively pairing both hard-boiled and sunny-side ups with diverse savoury fare. Meanwhile, coastal Keralites enjoy a sweet treat called “muttamala” resembling a necklace of golden yolks. Maharashtrians still relish the historic “Eggs Kejriwal” breakfast made famous at a prominent club in Mumbai.

Today, eggs proudly feature in staple breakfast joints and thali offerings nationwide. Some state policies aim to restrict their inclusion in school lunches however, overlooking the valuable nutrition eggs provide growing children. This article celebrates their rightful place in Indian home cooking and presents a tasty “Devilled Egg” recipe ideal for minimalist weeknight noshing or elegant dinner party starters.

With a peek into history and a flavorful recipe, this piece sheds light on how eggs went from an uncommon ingredient to beloved daily staple embraced across the diverse culinary repertoire of .

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