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    EditorialTourists Should Behave!

    Tourists Should Behave!


    It is a sad state of affairs that people visiting J&K land into deep trouble after they indulge in activities which are wrong in the eyes of the law making their trip to a real bad experience.

    In the past few days, two people have been arrested for allegedly consuming liquor during a Shikara ride in Dal Lake. Reportedly, the step was taken by the police after a video went viral on social media.

    It is necessary that all the stakeholders including the police and the local Shikarawallahs should guide the visitors about the law of the land as and when possible to avoid such distasteful incidents. If the concerned Shikarawallah had warned the tourists about their wrong acts in advance things would not have gone out of hand because at times tourists are unaware of the fact that consuming liquor in public places is prohibited in J&K.

    It is imperative that cops install small and big hoardings at all places visited by the tourists including the Shikaras so that people coming from outside know well that drinking is a at public places in J&K.

    It is pertinent to mention that police has taken cognizance after a video of unidentified individuals indulging in offensive behaviour in a Shikara in Dal Lake in an inebriated state went viral across social media platforms. The video which went viral in the aforesaid case has led to an outcry from civil society and religious leaders.

    In J&K, the prohibition of drinking in public places is a significant regulation aimed at maintaining public order and decorum. Tourists visiting the Union Territory are expected to adhere to this regulation and conduct themselves respectfully. This prohibition not only ensures a safer and more pleasant for all residents and visitors but also reflects the cultural sensitivities and legal frameworks of the region. Compliance with this regulation is essential for fostering a positive and harmonious experience, thereby contributing to the overall well-being and societal norms of the region.

    It is now expected that the episode involving police action against those creating nuisance under inebriated conditions will act as an effective deterrent and people will act sensibly when in J&K because creating a scene under the influence of liquor is illegal in all parts of the country as is the case in J&K.

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