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Top tips for staying safe in Delhi’s scorching 47 degree heatwave

Delhi Scorches at Extreme Heat; Top Precautions to Take During Hot Spell

As North continues to experience scorching temperatures, it is crucial to protect oneself from heat-related illnesses by following some simple guidelines. The India Meteorological Department has issued a severe heat alert for several areas, with Delhi touching an uncomfortable high of 47 degrees Celsius recently. With no respite in sight, residents must exercise caution over the coming days.

Experts advise staying indoors as much as possible between noon and 4pm when the sun is at its strongest. Light, loose cotton clothes and adequate hydration are a must. Strenuous exercise should be avoided during peak heating hours. Instead, choose early morning or evening for physical activity.

When outside, cover up and seek shelter in shade. Opt for locally made drinks rich in electrolytes to prevent dehydration. Bingeing on greasy or spicy meals is best avoided as they can overburden the body. Keep young children and pets safe from the elements by not leaving them unattended in vehicles etc.

At home, use air conditioning, fans or coolers judiciously. Draw curtains to block direct sunlight from entering living areas. Open windows at night to allow air circulation. Be watchful of signs of distress like dizziness or confusion in oneself and others. Seek medical help promptly if symptoms arise or worsen.

Indoor plants can help purify the air indoors. Cool showers also aid in bringing down body heat. Overall, light cooking and minding the intensity and duration of sun exposure are key to braving this heatwave safely. With some simple adjustments, residents can protect their during these hot summer days.

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