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    To accommodate Politician’s relative, PHE disrupts water supply of entire village in Makol


    Ajay Sharma

    Sunderbani, July 01

    In a shocking turn of events, the residents of Village Makol in Sunderbani Tehsil are grappling with a severe water crisis allegedly orchestrated by the influence of a powerful local politician.

    According to sources, officers of the Public Engineering (PHE) Department have allegedly disrupted the water supply to the entire village in order to provide a connection to a relative of the politician.

    Sources revealed “The water supply to at least 60 houses has been disrupted in favor of ensuring free water access to a single family, believed to be closely associated with the politician,” adding that this move has left the village residents in distress, particularly amid the current scorching heat.

    “The politician is exerting immense pressure on PHE employees to follow his directives,” sources disclosed, adding “It is unfortunate that the PHE officers have succumbed to this pressure, abandoning the local population to fend for themselves in this unbearable heat.”

    The villagers, including former Sarpanchs and Panchs, have voiced their grievances, stating that they have been without water for an extended period. They have collectively appealed to the Deputy Commissioner to investigate the actions of the PHE department and address the issue promptly.

    “We are suffering without water, and it's inhumane to prioritize one family over the entire village,” said local representatives, adding “We urge the senior officers of the PHE department and the administration to intervene and resolve this matter, providing us with much-needed relief.”

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