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    The Daily Struggles Doctors Face Fighting the Pandemic and What Inspires Them

    As the pandemic rages on, medical professionals have been working tirelessly to save lives. But their struggle comes at a cost. On Doctors' Day, a few open up about the challenges they face each day and what keeps them going.

    Tending to the sick, especially children, takes its toll both physically and emotionally. “Seeing small children fighting for their lives daily is stressful,” says Dr. Samir Parikh, Director, Department of Mental and Behavioral Sciences at a top Delhi hospital. “It's heartbreaking when you're unable to save them despite your best efforts. But we can't watch them suffer.” What eases the pain is seeing patients recover. “That is the biggest high and the reason why most of us chose this path,” he adds.

    Staff shortages have amplified issues. With patient loads doubling at some hospitals, the strain is immense. “Long shifts are exhausting. You're drained both mentally and physically by the end of the day,” says Dr. Sumaiya Kabir, intensivist at a large Mumbai hospital. Personal protection also adds to the stress. “Working for prolonged hours in PPE kits under hot and humid conditions is challenging.” Yet they persevere to fulfill their duty.

    The pandemic has brought families and communities closer in support of healthcare staff. “The appreciation we've received from people lifts our spirit,” Dr. Kabir remarks. With public cooperation and vaccinations gaining pace, there is hope the crisis will ease. Till then, frontline workers will continue battling each day, empowered in their mission by society's backing and the joys of seeing the ill recover.

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