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EditorialSwitch Over To Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Switch Over To Non-Conventional Energy Sources


Going by the growing energy crisis causing bottlenecks in the smooth dwelling of life, it has become imperative for one and all to explore the entire spectrum of life and choose wisely the non-conventional energy sources to become independent breaking the chains of dependence on conventional energy resources. There is dire need that people should get aware of the number of schemes launched by the central government and the dispensation in the Union Territory to help people change their energy resources from conventional ones to the non-conventional as there are plenty of choices available at the moment.

In this context, J&K's Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament has rightly said that solar power can bring about remarkable change in the lives of people as the government is helping the populace through financial assistance in installing arrays of solar cells capable of converting sunlight into electricity. This particular non-conventional energy source is considerably the best option for the people in J&K especially that of as the number of sunny days here are plentiful making the solar cells quite efficient in converting the sunlight into electrical signals used to run appliances at the domestic, commercial and industrial levels. The need of the time is to ensure popularity of this simple technological advancement because this has the potential to root out conventional power crises in the region which is proving irksome especially during harsh conditions both in summer months and in winters also. The people opting for the solar panels will automatically get a relief from the woes of power outage and in some cases, if the electricity produced by the household solar panels is more than requirement, the government has come up with a provision of even buy it from the consumers making it a win-win situation for those switching to this relatively new .

Already e-buses have started ruling the roost which is quite appreciable because these buses are pollution-free, noise-free and don't rely on conventional fossil fuel. In the same context, use of solar energy will further this cause of pollution free energy generation without damaging nature in any way. For sure, switching over to non-conventional energy sources is the need of the time and people should not waste even a jiffy in doing the same to become self-reliant in acquiring energy without denting nature at all.




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