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OpinionsSustainable Development and Its Aspects

Sustainable Development and Its Aspects


Amir Iqbal Khan

We all recognize the term “Sustainable Development,” a concept frequently discussed by governments in relation to infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, electricity, airplanes, multi storied buildings and flyovers. While many discussions revolve around the idea of development, it is crucial to truly understand what sustainable development entails.

Whenever we discuss development, the need for resources becomes evident. Specifically, natural resources are essential, yet they are limited in scope. We don't have an endless supply, we must develop using the natural resources available to us.The challenge then becomes how to engage in sustainable development. Development will invariably continue, both now and in the future. Our goal is to ensure that such development fosters a prosperous existence for both current and future generations.

We must utilize available resources only as necessary. Overuse today might result in prosperity, but it compromises the well being of future generations.

By using our limited resources wisely and looking towards the future, we can better plan our development initiatives.

Sustainable development encompasses three components, “Social, Economic, and Environmental”. It involves not only economic growth but also the preservation of our and enhancement of our social structures. In pursuing economic development whether through , industry or production, limitations and restrictions must be implemented. Our goals include increasing GDP, creating opportunities and developing infrastructure such as bridges, roads, schools and hospitals. However, we must balance these initiatives with environmental preservation and social well being.

Environmental consideration means protecting the flora and fauna around us. For example, house sparrows are nearing extinction, adversely affected by  waves from high rise transmission towers. While development is necessary, it should not come at the cost of other living organisms and plants. We must coexist with our natural environment as a life devoid of birds, animals and plants would not be fulfilling.

Social progress should not be overshadowed by economic ambitions. Neglecting or undermining our social values in pursuit of economic growth disrupts the balance necessary for a healthy society. Development should enhance our quality of life not merely in economic terms but also through improved , education and security within our communities.

We need to pursue a form of development that not only aims for economic growth but also ensures a sustainable environment and a thriving society. Only then can we claim to live happily and securely within our developed world.


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