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TechnologySurvey finds limited public usage of AI tools despite industry hype

Survey finds limited public usage of AI tools despite industry hype


“Are People Using AI As Extensively As Promoted?”

A recent survey examining public interest and usage of artificial intelligence tools has revealed some intriguing insights. Researchers polled over 12,000 individuals across six countries to assess awareness and engagement with generative AI applications.

The study focused on conversational systems like ChatGPT and image generators that can be accessed online. Surprisingly, only 2% of British respondents claimed daily use of such technologies. While young adults aged 18-24 expressed the most curiosity, overall interested remained fairly low.

The lead researcher noted a disparity between the hype in media and boardrooms regarding AI's potential compared to actual public interaction. Most were cautiously optimistic about healthcare and scientific uses but wary of implications for and mass communication. A sizeable portion admitted little prior knowledge of tools now in the spotlight.

Generational tendencies did emerge, with digital natives more engaged than older cohorts. However, AI proponents hoping for widespread civilian adoption may need to rethink strategies. More can be done to build familiarity and show relevance to everyday lives. Addressing job security worries will also boost acceptance of advancing capabilities.

As innovations continue apace, bridging the perception-reality gap on societal infiltration warrants attention. Successful mainstreaming relies on understanding user priorities and tailoring offerings accordingly versus one-size-fits-all rollouts. With balanced development and communication, AI may yet deliver on the potential foreseen by both optimists and companies.

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