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    BusinessStartup Develops AI Tools to Democratize Hollywood-Level Effects for Indie Filmmakers

    Startup Develops AI Tools to Democratize Hollywood-Level Effects for Indie Filmmakers


    Visual effects have become essential for storytelling but are often out of reach for independent filmmakers due to high costs. A new company called Beeble AI is looking to change that by developing virtual production tools using artificial intelligence.

    Beeble AI, based in South Korea, has raised $4.75 million in seed funding to launch a platform empowering do-more-with-less film crews. The startup was founded last year by ex-game developers who noticed the film industry lacked affordable lighting solutions. Beeble will use the funds to advance its foundational AI model and expand from virtual lighting into comprehensive virtual studios.

    The company's flagship app SwitchLight Studio offers relighting and composition within virtual environments. Powered by Unreal Engine, it recreates on-location shooting virtually without travel expenses. Unlike traditional LED wall studios, Beeble brings real actors into fully-controllable digital worlds using just a smartphone camera.

    Their AI model digitizes footage into precise 3D representations, allowing lighting, and camera changes in post-production. This significantly reduces constraints by automating effects usually requiring full production teams. Creators gain independence to focus on storytelling from anywhere.

    Early adopters like streaming app ReelShort are already integrating Beeble's . investors expect their platform will let small teams match the scale of major studios. As virtual production grows rapidly, Beeble AI aims to make its immersive storytelling accessible to all through artificial intelligence.

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