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    EditorialSituation Grim!

    Situation Grim!


    It is a difficult time for the people living in far flung areas to tackle the situation in case violence mongers equipped with dangerous weapons approach them for food or other support as they have got limited options to say no to them or counter their actions. As the situation is complex, the same makes the task of security forces more difficult to gauge whether the help provided to the terror mongers was out of fear or orchestrated deliberately to abet terrorism in the region.

    In this context, reportedly the police has detained three persons responsible for giving shelter and offering food to a group of 3-4 terrorists who struck at Bhallesa area in Gandoh in Doda district on June 12 causing injuries to a police constable before fleeing. Akin to this action, reports have also averred that the Reasi Police has also picked up a nomadic couple from Sunderbani for questioning in connection with a terror attack on a pilgrim bus at Teryath in Reasi district.

    It is always difficult to distinguish that whether the people who have come in contact with terrorists helped them voluntarily or they were forced by intimidation therefore a thorough probe is a must to get to the real facts in such matters and in case the people posing innocents were found to be guilty of providing voluntary support to the terrorists, a strict action under law should be followed.

    As the region has been facing terrorism in recent times, it is necessary that police and other security agencies deployed in the region should come with SOPs to be followed by the common people and of course the nomadic tribes dwelling in the remote areas in case terror mongers either intrinsic or extrinsic approach them on the pretext of getting food or any other kind of logistic support.

    The issue is quite complex especially when it is believed that there are a number of terror mongers traversing in the jungles of the UT after striking at different places because it is obvious that they will approach local communities for food and even shelter as well.

    A comprehensive strategy and consequently preparing the population to react in a desired manner is the need of the hour and therefore the concerned quarters should come up with the plan so that people follow the same in case the aforesaid situation arises in the coming time.




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