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TechnologySimple Tactics to Extend Your iPhone's Battery Life

Simple Tactics to Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life


Battery Life Hack: 10 Simple Tactics To Extend Your iPhone's Charge

From avoiding power-hungry games while it charges to disabling unnecessary app updates, there are some easy adjustments iPhone users can make to boost battery life. With more of us relying on our smartphones throughout the day, getting the most out of each charge is crucial. Here are 10 practical tips tested by tech experts.

Enabling Battery Optimization found in Settings is a simple way to help. By timing app refreshes for when your device is plugged in, it prevents needless drain. Similarly, curbing Background App Refresh only updates essential programs and conserves power. Both functions allow your phone to rest instead of constantly pinging for updates.

When it's time to charge, opt for a wired connection over wireless. While convenient, wireless charging produces more heat and uses more power than a cable. It's also best to fully power up when possible rather than topping off throughout the day. Charging in short bursts generates unnecessary wear over time. Be sure to avoid intensive activities like gaming that cause your device to overheat during charging sessions.

With a few swipes, iPhone owners can access hidden battery-saving settings. The latest iOS update from Apple not only provides performance enhancements but also refines power management. It's worth keeping software up-to-date for maximum efficiency. Similarly, disabling notifications for apps you never open means they won't idly run in the background. Small adjustments to daily habits can extend usability between charges.

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