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    Simple Resistance Band Exercise to Improve Shoulder Mobility

    Maintaining Shoulder with a Simple Mobility Exercise

    As more and more people focus on their fitness goals, it is important to pay attention to mobility in our joints. One area that is often neglected is shoulder mobility. Celebrity fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora recently shared an easy exercise on social media to improve shoulder range of motion.

    The exercise involves using a resistance band by placing one end under the foot. One gradually raises both arms out to the sides parallel to the floor. The bands provide resistance throughout the movement. This is done slowly to feel the stretch in the shoulders.

    Experts note that poor shoulder mobility is common nowadays due to a sedentary lifestyle and improper postures like hunched shoulders. Maintaining flexibility in the shoulders helps reduce pain and discomfort. It also allows for a greater range of motion needed for everyday activities and various exercises. The resistance band shoulder Mobility exercise shared is perfect for those pushing to improve shoulder health.

    By gradually increasing the time spent in the stretched position, one can enhance flexibility. Mobility exercises should be incorporated a few times a week for best results. Always listen to your body and do not push through discomfort. With regular practice, greater freedom of movement can be achieved in the shoulders.

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