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    Isn't it surprising that despite years of public awareness campaigns, stringent laws, and numerous convictions in accident cases, achieving a day when all commuters follow proper traffic norms remains elusive. Whether it is a major city in J&K or a far off hamlet, it is always certain that during vehicle checking drives scores of people would be caught flouting the traffic norms and chances are there that many commuters can go to extreme levels in giving two hoots to traffic rules as reported many times like a case in Poonch District where a child was found driving a commercial passenger vehicle few years back.

    In the same context, an overloaded Eeco Taxi carrying 19 students has been seized during a vehicle checking drive by the Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Kishtwar on Dachhan Road.

    As the region is prone to accidents, such a case of breaking traffic rules is nothing but playing with the fire. Although, the concerned official has recommended suspension of the driving license of the defaulter but point to ponder is that why people are so careless and even senseless, that they fail to foresee the criticality associated with such a mindless approach. This was not enough as reportedly the Motor Vehicle Department team issued e-challans to 58 vehicles for various offences including overloading and rash driving besides under other sections of the Motor Vehicle Act.

    It is painful that after taking so many initiatives there are a huge lot of commuters exhibiting complacency or a willingness to take risks, believing that they won't be caught or that consequences are minimal. Probably, this attitude undermines adherence to traffic norms.

    All said and done, the persistence of traffic violations despite numerous efforts to curtail them is a complex issue rooted in human behaviour, inconsistent enforcement, infrastructure deficiencies, etc. and addressing this challenge requires a multi-faceted approach, combining sustained enforcement, comprehensive , improved infrastructure, and cultural change to foster a collective commitment to road safety. Once things are set right, there is a hope and possibility that unavoidable accidents and mishaps will stop happening, and people will reach home and other destinations safe and sound.


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