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Jammu KashmirPeople who kept 'hisab-kitab' for Pak in past queued up to vote...

People who kept ‘hisab-kitab’ for Pak in past queued up to vote this time: DGP Swain


Srinagar, Jun 2: People who kept “hisab-kitab” (accounts) and acted as eyes and ears of the “enemy” in the past took part in the electoral process this time as the and administration and the police ensured a safe space free from external threats, DGP Rashmi Ranjan Swain said.

This year's Lok Sabha election saw a remarkable voter turnout in Jammu and Kashmir which signalled towards a shift in the region's political landscape, Swain said, highlighting a newfound sense of freedom from fear among the people.

Director General of Police (DGP) Swain commended the security forces for their efforts in monitoring potential threats from external elements particularly “proxies of Pakistan” who intended to disrupt the democratic process.

Swain stressed the positive impact of the high voter turnout and said “I, my colleagues in J&K Police and the wider administration of J&K's UT government, see it as an enabling where you have freed the people from fear.”

He also drew attention to the campaigning activities that were held in the middle of night, besides roadshows and door-to-door campaigns conducted “without the lurking threat of the Pakistani gun”.

“Security forces kept tabs on their (Pakistan) proxies and agents who once had this huge nuisance value of keeping a tab on all those who would think about bringing back democracy and electoral in its original form, the way it happens in the rest of the country,” the DGP said.

Swain also acknowledged the past role of the banned Jamaat-e-Islami in monitoring and targeting individuals involved in electoral politics. He, however, noted a potential shift within the outfit, saying some of its members publicly participated in the recent elections which indicated a possible change in their approach.

The participation of previously wary individuals and organisations like the Jamaat-e-Islami in the electoral process reflects a changing dynamic in the region, offering a hope for a more open and democratic future, Swain said.

He also suggested a growing confidence among the populace as it embraces political participation without fear of reprisal from external forces.

In the last three-and-a-half years, “we did not use kinetic actions to control and handle these bullies. We used law, the force of law and the rule of law, and I think we succeeded to a substantive extent”, Swain said.

On the progress made so far in achieving peace, the police chief said while the situation was a work in progress and substantial achievements have been made, there was a need for continued efforts.

“I think this is best described as a work in progress. If the question is what percentage of road has been covered, it would slightly be difficult to quantify it but I must say that to a sizable extent…,” he said.

Swain emphasised the government's responsibility to maintain security and provide a sense of peace for its citizens, indicating a collective endorsement of these efforts by the public through their actions such as rejecting calls for strikes.

Overall, the police chief expressed a cautious optimism about the current state of affairs and acknowledged the need to further strengthen governance and security in the region.

“When calls for bandhs used to come from across, the way people refused to respond to it… if anyone says they were doing it under compulsion, I think it would be a lie. So to that extent, I think we have travelled a distance and we need to travel the whole hog, the full length of it,” Swain added.

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