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TechnologyOpenAI makes state-of-the-art AI model GPT-4o accessible to all with expanded vision,...

OpenAI makes state-of-the-art AI model GPT-4o accessible to all with expanded vision, text and voice functions


OpenAI announced the release of their new artificial intelligence model, GPT-4o, at their Spring Update event. Chief Officer Mira Murati revealed the model brings the highly-capable GPT-4 technology within reach of all users for free.

GPT-4o significantly enhances upon OpenAI's existing AI models by offering faster and more refined functionality across different media types. Its powerful neural networks can seamlessly comprehend and respond to text, images and spoken conversations. Visual documents and can now be intuitively discussed after being uploaded and recognized through vision capabilities.

A highlight is its real-time voice processing, which transcribes, understands and synthesizes speech on the fly without delays. Translations between various languages also occur instantly. Memory and search features further aid discussions by presenting related information sourced live.

Demonstrations showed the model capably solving math problems step-by-step via typing, and identifying emotions from facial expressions in real video calls. It also streamlined coding help and generated brief overviews of complex graphs on command.

OpenAI aims to ensure AI progress benefits humanity, and views GPT-4o as a major step in that direction by opening access to over a million AI models. Developers now have a vastly larger user base to build applications for as well. The new AI system should help propel conversational, visual and audio intelligence to unprecedented heights through its blend of capabilities. It is set for a phased global rollout over the coming weeks.

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