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    Nutritionist highlights rice benefits for skin, hair during menopause

    Menopause brings several changes to a woman's body and lifestyle. One aspect that is greatly impacted are signs on the skin and hair. In a recent interview, renowned nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared valuable insights on managing common menopause symptoms and promoting overall wellness.

    When the body goes through menopause, it can show on the skin through issues like adult acne and pigmentation. Hair may also thin out or fall more. However, following some simple diet and lifestyle tweaks can help counter these effects.

    Diwekar pointed out that rice is a highly nutritious food that women should incorporate more of during this phase. As a good source of iron and vitamin E, rice aids skin and scalp . It boosts radiance and lustre from within. The expert recommends including dishes like aliv laddoo made from rice, almonds and coconut for additional benefits.

    Probiotic foods like curd and buttermilk are another important part of the diet outlined. Consuming them after meals increases absorption of minerals and antioxidants into the body. This further enhances the glow and quality of skin, hair and nails naturally over time.

    Adequate sleep, exercise and less caffeine were some other tips shared to relieve menopause stress. Following a balanced routine along with incorporation of suggested foods makes for a holistic approach towards managing this transition smoothly. The interview serves as valuable guidance for all those seeking natural solutions.

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