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    Life StyleNutrition Experts Weigh in on Whether Mohabbat ka Sharbat is Really Healthy

    Nutrition Experts Weigh in on Whether Mohabbat ka Sharbat is Really Healthy


    Is Mohabbat ka Sharbat Really That Healthy? Experts Weigh In

    As the summer heat intensifies across , one of the most popular refreshments people reach for is Mohabbat ka Sharbat. This rose-flavored drink made with watermelon and milk has become synonymous with cooling down in the warmer months. However, some are now questioning whether this beloved beverage is all that healthy after popular content creator Ani Setia suggested it presents a “toxic combination.”

    According to nutrition experts we spoke to, while Mohabbat ka Sharbat tastes delightful, the combination of ingredients may cause digestive issues for some. Both watermelon and milk are difficult to break down and absorb when combined due to differing digestion rates. This can lead to discomfort. lactose intolerance is another concern.

    The sugar content from rose syrup is another red flag, experts warn. Too much added sugar over time increases risks for weight gain and diabetes.

    Nutritionist Arooshi Aggarwal recommends plant-based milk alternatives or just sticking to fresh watermelon on its own for optimal gut . Those keeping an eye on calories may also want to go easy due to the sugar and milk.

    Dietitians advise enjoying the beverage only occasionally and in moderation. Selecting a reduced sugar rose syrup or adjusting quantities can help cut back. Lactose-free milk substitutes are another option for sensitivity.

    In the end, Mohabbat ka Sharbat is fine as an occasional summer indulgence. But experts say some small tweaks can make it a healthier, more digestible treat when the heat is on. Moderation and awareness of each person's needs are key to keeping both mind and body cooled this season.

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