IndiaNew Delhi holds Islamabad responsible for launching anti-India campaign

New Delhi holds Islamabad responsible for launching anti-India campaign


New Delhi holds Islamabad responsible for launching anti- campaign

, February, 17 (KIP): Pakistan has, once again, blamed India for
resorting to ceasefire violations when the Indian forces simply
retaliated violations of the ceasefire committed by Pak troops.

And border villages on this side of the  border and
the LOC bear testimony to the fact that the Pak troops opened first
fire on civilians an d their houses forcing several thousand border
villagers to migrate to safer places. And the Pak policies towards
India have indicated that Islamabad has been responsible for derailing
peace in the region.

Even after having been held responsible for exporting terror
to India in general and to Jammu and in particular Pakistan
has started indulging in a vicious campaign against India.

Pakistan has said that it is a matter of grave concern as India
is trying to endanger peace in the region and disturbing the
strategic balance,

Pakistan last week had said that India was building a “secret nuclear
city” and accumulated a stockpile of nuclear weapons which threatens
to undermine the strategic balance of power in the region. And this
charge was categorically denied by India.

Even after having been engaged in in fighting a proxy war in
Kashmir Islamabad has  also alleged that Indian atrocities against
Kashmiris are continuing unabated and said that Pakistan was committed
to the Kashmiris' legitimate movement for self-determination.
Islamabad also accused India of violating ceasefire on the Line of
Control and Working Boundary resulting into loss of precious civilian
lives. Adding that Pakistan has repeatedly lodged protest with India
in this regard.  India has rejected these allegations as lies.(KIP)

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