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    TechnologyNASA Scientists Conclude First Year-Long Mars Simulation Study at Johnson Space Center

    NASA Scientists Conclude First Year-Long Mars Simulation Study at Johnson Space Center


    After over a year inside a specially designed structure that mimicked life on Mars, four scientists have concluded the first ever simulation study of its kind. On Saturday, Anca Selariu, Ross Brockwell, Nathan Jones and lead researcher Kelly Haston emerged from the Mars Dune Alpha habitat at NASA's Johnson Space Center to applause, wrapping up the year-long Crew and Performance Exploration Analog (CHAPEA) mission.

    The custom built habitat accommodations like bedrooms and a gym as well as systems to grow food and recycle resources as life would function on Mars. Unique conditions within included communication delays as would be expected over vast interplanetary distances, isolation from others and an Martian landscape recreation outside accessible only in protective space suits.

    Throughout their secluded time period, the team carried out experiments, grew and prepared meals from the onboard hydroponic garden and took simulated Marswalks in the habitat's small mocked up outdoor area. They experienced additional environmental and psychological stresses intended to replicate the reality of living aboard the Red Planet.

    Visibly emotional after exiting the facility, the volunteers expressed their pride in accomplishments and building understanding that will aid future crews. The conducted represents the first in an planned series of analogous missions by NASA focusing on human health, performance and habitation technologies essential for putting individuals on the lunar surface and eventual Mars journeys.

    While an earlier privately organized simulation took place in Hawaii, this marks the first entirely led by the US space agency. Insights gained from maintaining psychological and physiological well-being of participants over an full Martian year will boost NASA's goals under the Artemis program to return humans to the Moon and continue preparing for crewed Mars missions by the 2030s.

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