‘Murder of Democracy’?

The observations made by the Supreme Court of regarding the alleged mishandling of the elections to elect the Mayor of Chandigarh have prompted citizens across the country to awaken and rally against forces intent on undermining democracy solely to perpetuate their own biased agendas. Such actions disregard the genuine principles of balanced that India has cultivated over several decades, setting examples for the to emulate. This nation, once considered part of the third world, has long exemplified virtues that deserve recognition and respect on a global scale.

There is no doubt in the fact that the concerns about the Chandigarh mayoral election and series of events that followed the same needed to be scrutinized and addressed on priority, and the role of the majority party in the process especially the support which its members extended from top hierarchy to bottom level to the wrongdoing in the matter is also questionable as none from this party objected to the misdemeanor rather all justified the unjustifiable as observed by none other than the top court of the country.

The scrutiny by the Apex Court indicated the seriousness of the situation, emphasizing the importance of upholding democratic principles and preventing any erosion of institutional integrity. Efforts to ensure transparency and accountability in electoral processes are crucial for maintaining the integrity of democratic institutions and preventing the country from descending into chaos or instability.

Reportedly, the Supreme Court has rapped the Returning Officer who conducted the aforesaid Chandigarh mayoral polls, observing it is obvious that the concerned official defaced the ballot papers and that he should be prosecuted. What was worth noting down was the assertion made by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud that the Apex court will not allow democracy to be murdered like this and that the apex court will order fresh elections if not satisfied with the purity of the poll process.

There is no doubt that there are suspicious elements surrounding the aforementioned election, and it is probable that the Apex court will scrutinize the matter in accordance with the nation's laws. However, given the current circumstances, it has become imperative for patriotic entities to unite and prevent the country from descending into a state of chaos. The situation is dire, with certain forces working against the nation's interests solely to satisfy their short-term gains, which is both unjustified and unwarranted.