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InternationalMother's Struggle For Survival Amid Haiti's Deepening Chaos

Mother’s Struggle For Survival Amid Haiti’s Deepening Chaos


In Haiti's spiral into anarchy, one mother fights each day to keep her children alive. Fabiola Luma and her 3 kids have taken refuge in a tiny sheet metal church as gang violence engulfs their Port-au-Prince neighborhood. With 80% of streets now ruled by armed groups, simply finding food poses deadly risks.

Once a house cleaner, Fabiola lost work over a year ago as neighbors fled the turmoil. Sheltering in the bare-bones church since January 2021, she shares how incessant gunfire terrorizes residents in their homes. “Life is worse with the gangs,” she says, breaking down amid the conditions no child should endure.

The UN reports at least 15,000 internally displaced in just one week from clashes after 4,000 inmates escaped under a gang leader's orders. Stranded without means to depart, Fabiola and her family battle each day to survive. Though too dangerous to venture out, staying within the church's walls risks starving.

Amid Haiti's collapse into lawlessness, one mother's courage shines through in protecting her children against all odds. Her resilience highlights the humanitarian crisis engulfing a nation and calls us to support those, like Fabiola, fighting to keep their families alive in a place where basic rights are denied.

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