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TechnologyMeta rolls out WhatsApp verification programme for businesses in India

Meta rolls out WhatsApp verification programme for businesses in India


Meta verification brings authenticity to WhatsApp businesses

Businesses using WhatsApp in can now get verified on the popular messaging platform with the launch of Meta's new verification programme. The much awaited feature aims to help merchants connect better with customers by establishing trust through verification.

The verification process involves businesses providing details to Meta to get a blue tick badge on their profile. This allows customers to easily identify authentic, legitimate accounts from potential impersonators. Verified accounts will also get protection against impersonation, a growing concern for businesses using social media and chat platforms.

In addition to the verification badge, subscription to the programme provides other useful tools for businesses. They can now manage their account from multiple devices for greater flexibility. Businesses can also create a custom web page highlighting their services that can be shared online. Meta is developing new ways for customers to directly contact businesses through API enabled calls rather than sharing mobile numbers.

While initially limited to other Meta owned platforms, the verification service is now open to the tens of millions of businesses active on WhatsApp in key markets like India, Brazil, Indonesia and Colombia. The monthly subscription fee unlocks these identity and marketing features to help businesses engage better with their customer base through the popular messaging app.

As more features are added, WhatsApp verification has the potential to formalize the platform for communications. It provides authentication in a landscape where impersonation could undermine trust in digital transactions. The rollout is timely as businesses increasingly use social networks and messaging apps to build their brand and offer online customer support.

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