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    EditorialMenace of Assault-After-Accident

    Menace of Assault-After-Accident


    It is a common sight in J&K and for that matter in the entire country that soon after an accident takes place the people present at the spot start assaulting the driver of the vehicle involved in the mishap. This mob mentality in the country needs to be rectified through comprehensive approach and even by implementing the law in its stringent form because it is totally illegal that people start delivering justice on their own when there are cops and the vibrant judiciary in the country for this job.

    There are hundreds of such cases on record where people have mercilessly beaten the drivers involved in accidents, and in some cases the victims have lost their lives also. This illegal practice of on-the-spot-justice should be stopped at all costs because people on roads have no locus-standi to act as judges of courts and give instantaneous verdicts in the cases of accidents.

    In the same context, a bus driver has been mercilessly assaulted by some locals in Ghati area of Kathua district, after the bus he was driving accidentally hit and killed a stray calf and a bull. Reportedly, the injured driver has been admitted to GMC Kathua for treatment.

    It is pertinent to mention that after the mishap, the locals chased and intercepted the bus and took the driver back to the spot where the animals were killed and started beating him with sticks. Though the police has lodged the case and is after the culprits but it is necessary that all such cases should be taken to their logical conclusion by ensuring stringent possible penal action because this is imperative to end this of beating drivers at the spots of the accidents, as in many cases, fearing thrashing, the drivers run from the spot leaving behind the injured unattended.

    If in such cases drivers take the injured to the nearby healthcare facility, many lives could be saved and families can reunite with their loved ones, which unfortunately doesn't happens in many cases due to the illogical mob mentality in the country leading to sorrow and augmenting tragedies. The culture of assaulting drivers after accidents must come to an end. This mob mentality is illegal and counterproductive, as it deters drivers from aiding the injured, exacerbating the tragedy. Ensuring strict legal action against such vigilantism is essential to uphold the rule of law and to save lives. By addressing this issue comprehensively, we can foster a safer and more compassionate society, where justice is administered by the rightful authorities, and not by impromptu mobs.




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