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IndiaMamata’s chai pe charcha: CM makes, serves tea

Mamata’s chai pe charcha: CM makes, serves tea



Kolkatta, Apr, 03: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee prepares and serves tea at Jalpaiguri.

Banerjee who is campaigning in north Bengal said yesterday that the BJP-led Centre is a “Jumla” government and it has never stood by the people in times of need and disaster.

Speaking at the Mercy Fellowship Church in Jalpaiguri yesterday, the CM said that her government in the state doesn't do partiality with anyone.

“I thought I would not say it but this is a JUMLA government. Even yesterday, the Centre had a meeting with the RBI. Where is the impartiality here? Impartial election means that in a democracy, all must get justice. We don't do partiality with any kind of relief. Our government is humanitarian. How did the Prime Minister ask his workers to go and give money? I didn't ask my party workers to do anything of this sort. BJP has never stood by the people in times of need and disaster,” she said.

She further alleged that tea garden workers are facing problems as companies are no longer buying their tea leaves.

“Today, I got to know that about 10,000 lakh workers, associated with the tea garden estates are facing issues as the companies are no longer buying their tea leaves, saying it has pesticides. This has been done just close to the elections. People might recall that last time PM Modi had said that he would inaugurate six tea estates. Is this happening right now?” CM Mamata said. “Since Model Code of Conduct is in place, I can't go into details of what we can do. However, I will ask the administration and convey the information to the right places to ensure that alternative arrangements are made for these workers. If someone is told that traces of pesticides were found on someone's land, the person should be given 2-3 months to try other occupations. They cannot be rendered unemployed. In any case, there are crores of educated and unemployed youth in the country,” she added.

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