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( Dr Ramavtar Sharma )

Everyone knows that Alzheimer's disease is a very troublesome illness which takes away so much of life from an individual. Here, not only the person but the entire family suffers for a prolonged period of time with no hope of recovery. Alzheimer's usually affects senior citizens who already have many memory related issues. As per various reports, dementia is increasing globally and the number of people suffering from Alzheimer's is expected to hit 153 million by the 2050s. As far as pharmaceutical based treatment is concerned, the results are grossly unsatisfactory and unnecessarily expensive. The potential drug trials have regularly disappointed as far as clinical benefits are concerned and any possibility of development of an effective medicine in near term looks very remote.

Despite disappointment from pharmaceutical side, the life management practices give bright rays of hope. Studies indicate that under expert guidance cognition in dementia can improve up to 74 percent.  Secondly, well-chosen lifestyle changes can delay onset of the disease by 5 years or more.  But there is a problem as it is not a one-size-fits-all phenomenon.  Well-trained people aren't available and the approach has to be individualized.  It is high time that nurses and life coaches are properly trained and public be made aware of the grave situation many of them may face in future. In a number of clinical trials, a customised care has resulted in almost 100 percent improvement in the condition though there was no cure but the improvement was very satisfactory.

Now about the broader approach to attain the desired results for cases of Alzheimer's or its pre clinical possibilities. Develop cheerfulness, grab initiatives and be communicative. Be sociable for your own sake. If you are introverted, reserved, and very submissive to authority then you are at a significant risk.  Look at yourself. If you find creativity, love for novelty and a daring attitude in yourself you are through. On the other hand, conventional thinking, monotonous routine and a great sense of righteousness may bring doom to you in future. Be spontaneous, be contemporary, drop bias. A warm, empathetic and friendly person rarely gets Alzheimer's but the shy, suspicious and egocentric person is highly vulnerable. If you organize your thoughts and receive different unbiased and then apply logic to understand them , you might spare yourself from dementia.

On the other hand, if you are unnecessarily anxious, moody, inhibited and lack emotional stability you score high on the probability of getting Alzheimer's or dementia in future. A calm , confident and centered person lives a happy life full of memories. In nutshell, it is an intellectual being that decides whether you would live a vibrant old age or the one in isolation on a chair disconnected from the . Alzheimer's is not curable but it is possibly preventable with proper life management measures.


Intro : practicing physician and freelance author at Jaipur

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