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    TechnologyLenovo Legion Go review: A powerful portable gaming PC with room for...

    Lenovo Legion Go review: A powerful portable gaming PC with room for improvements


    As a tech journalist always on the lookout for innovative devices, I was curious to try out the Lenovo Legion Go – a Windows-powered portable gaming PC. At first glance, its large size made me question how portable it truly was. However, after taking it on a recent trip, I was impressed by how much gaming power it packs into a handheld form factor.

    With a bright 8.8-inch high-resolution touchscreen and adjustable kickstand, the Legion Go offers mobility without compromising on the gaming experience. Powered by an AMD processor designed for high-performance handhelds, it can handle graphically demanding titles like Cyberpunk 2077 surprisingly well. During tests, I was able to immerse myself in open- games while travelling without worrying about framerate dips.

    While playing on a handheld takes some adjustment, its detachable controllers with buttons, triggers and touchpads provide versatility. Gamers can choose between traditional joystick controls or an FPS-style hybrid mode for accurate aiming. Though not as seamless as Switch controls, they allow seamless transition between handheld and desktop usage.

    As a portable Windows PC, the Legion Go gives users freedom to browse, download content and mod games with ease. However, this flexibility comes at the cost of battery life. With moderate usage, it can last 2-3 hours on a single charge – sufficient for on-the-go gaming bursts but not all-day play. Its large size also means longer charging periods.

    Overall, the Legion Go shows that satisfying handheld and desktop gaming needs is possible with clever engineering. Though not perfect, it presents a compelling alternative for those wanting AAA PC titles on the go without compromising on performance or control options. With future refinements to size, interface and battery life, it could become a serious contender for sophisticated portable gaming.

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