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OpinionsIt is political tussle, not that of castes

It is political tussle, not that of castes


By-Er.Rajesh Pathak

A friend of mine came to me and asked, ‘These days my shoulders continue to ache. What kind of Yogasana  should I do to  get rid of the problem? .' This suggestion was sought from me as I myself do Yogasana, skipping it in a very rare unavoidable condition.  Instead of telling the remedy I asked back, ‘ Does these days your mobile go not out of use from your hands. First of all keep it away as far as possible from yourself.' And on receiving his answer in ‘yes' , I later suggested, ‘ And,  as for getting relief from the ailment  only a ‘Physiotherapist or an 'Yogacharya' can tell you what exactly should you do ?

That  who is always seen  with the mobile  in the hands  they not only inflict  harm to themselves , but also social fabric  making  petty  incident  explosive by grown active making it viral. And how much ? Just see an instance of that. During the last Vidhan  sabha  election  an incident came to light in wake of  demonstration of Karni sena , followed by  that of Bheem army , which  led the tussle between two. The cause of  which  was the video of a Bheem army's cadre  against Karni sena that  had gone   viral. Later a news flashed  that the president of  Karni  sena lodged the complaint against the culprit in police station.  What is notable is that on enquiry  the culprit's name surfaced  to be  Lokendra Singh , who belongs to ‘ Gurjar community'.  As  the people knew this  the talk went round that  “Since when Gurjar ‘community' got to have achieved the status of Schedule caste ?”. And with  what  intention Lokendra Singh Gurjar had been there in Bheem Army that claims itself to be  fighting the cause of Schedula caste communities. Later, though, it is revealed that , associated with Bahujan Samaj Party,  Lokendra set his eyes upon  the  Vidhansabha  ticket from the constituency dominated by Schedule caste communities !

In Gurjar Gazeteer  Mahakavi Rajshekhar addressed Gurjars as ‘ Raghukul Tilak' ; and sociologists put them  at  par with Rajputs, calling them ‘ kshatriya' . And, notably, Rajasthan's  Congresss leader Sachin Pilot belongs to Gurjar community.  More  facts, likewise,  may be given but the venom  that the incident could inject that had already been injected irretrievably.

Now obviously  it may come into  the mind lest  these gatherings  would be a part of greater conspiracy, or so-called toolkit, to drive the wedge in Hindu-community. What is  required is to be vigilant against  this, more particularly when mobile addict ‘self-assigned' spokespersons around are  always alert to take no time in poking themselves into  making the news go viral.

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