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OpinionsIndia to dominate the global solar industry

India to dominate the global solar industry


The solar manufacturing sector in is at a critical juncture, teeming with potential for high growth and an abundance of employment opportunities

Vaishali Mehta

The solar manufacturing sector in India stands at a pivotal moment, presenting significant potential for growth and employment opportunities. Historically, India has been a laggard in the manufacturing landscape of the solar industry, relying heavily on imports and expertise from foreign markets. Consequently, this dependency has led to a scarcity of skilled manpower and a deficiency in indigenous technological capabilities.

From an HR perspective, the solar manufacturing sector offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The spillover effect of manufacturing is particularly noteworthy, creating employment not only within the industry but also generating a ripple effect across related sectors. As the global demand for solar products rises, the necessity for skilled workers in manufacturing, project planning, and execution becomes increasingly pronounced.

India's reliance on imports has impeded the development of a robust solar manufacturing ecosystem. However, there is a positive shift underway as both Central and State governments emphasise manufacturing. Initiatives like “Make in India” and incentives for the solar industry are expected to foster a conducive for skill development within the nation.

A primary challenge has been the limited pool of skilled workers and a lack of project planning and execution experience in the solar manufacturing domain. To address this, cross-industry resources must be mobilised to fill existing gaps. With the improving demand situation and concerted efforts by the Indian government to boost manufacturing, the solar sector is poised to observe significant expansion. Also, once industrial manufacturing picks up scale, it will take the R&D sector along, adding high-level technological inventions and innovations from Indian institutions.

As India aligns itself with global competitors in both scale and , the solar manufacturing sector is positioned to be a major contributor to employment, economic growth, and sustainability. With the implementation of the right HR strategies and government support, India has the potential to emerge as a key player in the solar manufacturing landscape in the coming years.

In conclusion, India's solar manufacturing sector is undergoing a transformative phase, marked by a shift from dependency on imports to fostering indigenous capabilities. Despite historical challenges in skill shortages and limited technological expertise, concerted efforts from both government and industry stakeholders are driving significant progress. Initiatives like “Make in India” and incentivization schemes are propelling the growth of a robust manufacturing ecosystem. However, challenges persist, particularly in addressing the shortage of skilled workers and enhancing project planning and execution capabilities. Collaboration across industries and continued government support will be crucial in overcoming these hurdles. As India aligns itself with global standards in scale and technology, the solar manufacturing sector is poised to become a cornerstone of employment, economic growth, and sustainability. With the implementation of effective HR strategies and sustained Government backing, India is well-positioned to emerge as a key player in the global solar manufacturing landscape in the years ahead.

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