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    Life StyleHow Shakira's famous song can help save lives through hands-only CPR

    How Shakira’s famous song can help save lives through hands-only CPR


    Who would have thought that a global hit song could help save lives? Shakira's infectious 2005 song “Hips Don't Lie” has received over 2 billion views on YouTube and topped music charts worldwide. As it turns out, the song's uptempo beat of 100 beats per minute makes it ideally suited for a crucial lifesaving technique – hands-only CPR.

    Hands-only CPR refers to performing chest compressions without rescue breaths during a cardiac emergency. It is a simpler approach to CPR that can be administered by untrained bystanders until emergency medical aid arrives. Maintaining the recommended rate of 100-120 compressions per minute is important to circulate oxygenated blood to the brain and vital organs.

    Experts at the American Heart Association discovered that the rhythm of Shakira's popular song perfectly matches the tempo required for effective hands-only CPR. Simply listening to the song in the background allows bystanders to easily keep time with the life-critical chest compressions. This makes the daunting task of emergency resuscitation more approachable for the public.

    Cardiologists affirm that hands-only CPR is crucial for boosting survival rates when administered immediately after a cardiac arrest occurs outside of a hospital setting. The catchy beat of “Hips Don't Lie” serves as an approachable reminder of the proper rhythm, encouraging more widespread adoption of this potentially lifesaving technique. Who would have guessed that a global dance floor filler could double up as a tool for reviving hearts in medical emergencies? Shakira's infectious song is truly proving to save lives worldwide in unexpected ways.

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