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TechnologyHow one founder's personal journey became a mission of inclusion through mental...

How one founder’s personal journey became a mission of inclusion through mental health app Evolve


“A Personal Journey that Became a Mission for Inclusiveness”

Mental app Evolve was launched with a goal to help all individuals, but it has found a niche supporting one community close to a co-founder's heart. The journey to develop this app centered on lived experiences and a desire to help others facing similar challenges.

Rohan Arora, co-founder of Evolve, discusses how his personal journey led to the creation of this resource. As a student at a top B-school, Arora struggled with issues that made him realize the problems facing the LGBTQIA+ community were immense. This motivated him to address their unique and often overlooked needs.

Working with community experts, Arora ensured Evolve provided personalized support. Discrimination, family issues, and safety concerns significantly impact mental health for LGBTQIA+ individuals. The app aims to be understanding of their daily realities and trials.

Originally intended for a general audience, user data showed the app particularly helped those from this community. Feedback led the founders to refocus Evolve around inclusive design. Personal challenges differ, but many face social isolation or lack positive role models.

By creating a safe space and drawing from real experiences, Evolve fills a gap. Arora thinks small acts, like openly traveling with partners, can normalize acceptance. For all users, individualized care and community are prioritized. Moving forward, the app will broaden its counseling options to become an even stronger support system.

Arora takes pride in the mission behind Evolve. By addressing overlooked problems, the app plays a role in empowering its users. With over a million downloads so far, it is achieving its goal of reaching those who need assistance the most. Arora remains committed to continuously improving the resource and aiding an community close to his heart.

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