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    Life StyleHow actor Gulshan Devaiah's strict one meal a day diet has affected...

    How actor Gulshan Devaiah’s strict one meal a day diet has affected his body after 6 years of adherence


    Gulshan Devaiah, known for his character roles in movies like Dahaad and That Girl In Yellow Boots, has been following an One Meal A Day or OMAD diet since 2018. In a recent interview, the actor opened up about his eating habits and how it has impacted his over the years.

    For the unversed, OMAD involves consuming all daily calories and nutrients within a single meal and then fasting for the remaining 23 hours. Devaiah said he likes this pattern as it helps control portions without having to track macros or calories. However, he mentioned facing some vitamin deficiencies as key nutrients may not be met even after 6 years of sticking to OMAD.

    The actor elaborated that his vitamin B12 and D3 levels tend to run low, requiring supplementation. When probed further, he said he mostly adheres to OMAD even when visiting his hometown in Bengaluru but occasionally falls off track.

    Medical experts warn prolonged OMAD can lead to issues like increased blood pressure and blood sugar spikes. They explain consuming all nutrition in a short window places stress on digestion. It may also cause low energy, dizziness and nausea in the long-run. Doctors advise consulting a dietician before drastically changing eating patterns to craft a customised plan considering individual factors.

    While OMAD shows promise for weight loss, discipline and fat burning, it's important to ensure a balanced diet through food variety to meet nutrition needs, especially after years of adherence. Moderation and medical guidance are key to reap benefits safely.

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