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    OpinionsFrom Prosperity to Generosity Perspecti

    From Prosperity to Generosity Perspecti


    by P. Mohan Chandran

    Have you ever paused and pondered about the purpose of your wealth? As your income grows, do you increase your ‘standard of living' or your ‘standard of giving'? Do you view your prosperity as a means to accumulate more or an opportunity to give more?

    In a that often measures success in terms of material wealth, it's tempting to use an increase in income to enhance our lifestyle. Yet, an enriching perspective suggests otherwise. It whispers a remarkable thought — as God blesses us with more, we should endeavor to raise our ‘standard of giving', not just our ‘standard of living'.

    Indeed, life is about giving. It's a cycle of endless possibilities where the giver becomes a receiver, and the receiver turns into a giver. The concept of charity is profound. It's not merely an act of giving; it's a mindset, a way of life.

    Contrary to the popular belief that charity begins when the pockets are full, the magical law of nature propounds a different theory. It professes that charity should commence when your hands are nearly empty. And why is that? It's because when we give, even from our meager resources, we create room for more blessings to flow into our lives.

    People often plan to embark on the journey of charity when their ship is loaded with wealth. But life is unpredictable. What if the dawn of prosperity never arrives? Or worse, what if life itself slips away? Then, the desire for charity remains a desire, forever. So, the golden rule is — do not wait to accumulate wealth to do charity. Begin now. Start when you have little. Start when you need the most.

    The universe operates on the principle of abundance. When we give, we align ourselves with this principle. Our acts of giving resonate with the energy of abundance, magnetizing more wealth and prosperity into our lives. When times are tough and when adversity stares at you then increase your charity. It's counter-intuitive, yet profoundly transformative. Because, when you sow seeds of generosity in the soil of scarcity, you reap a harvest of abundance.

    So, as your income grows, embrace the joy of giving. Use your prosperity not just to enhance your life but to enrich the lives of others. Remember, your worth is not measured by what you have, but by what you give. Your wealth becomes truly meaningful when it's shared.

    As we navigate through our life's journey, let's ponder on these profound questions: Are we living to accumulate, or are we living to contribute? Are we using our wealth merely to enhance our standard of living, or are we raising our standard of giving? After all, isn't true wealth measured not by what we gather, but by what we scatter? (Courtesy:




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