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    EditorialFix the manipulators in GMC Jammu!

    Fix the manipulators in GMC Jammu!


    Though the Medical Commission (NMC) was seen boasting itself for taking strict action against the Government Medical College (GMC) for fraudulently admitting 4 candidates in excess to allotted quota by deducting 8 seats, those having basic logic and common sense must have been pondering over the lack of ability of those running the affairs of this national body.

    The scandal erupted last year when GMC Jammu was caught fraudulently admitting four candidates beyond its allotted quota of 180 seats. In response, the NMC slashed the GMC's admission capacity to 172 for the 2023-2024 academic year. The Commission also sought accountability from the GMC administration, warning that continued negligence would extend penalties into subsequent years. This decisive action underscored the NMC's zero-tolerance policy towards such blatant violations.

    Penalizing GMC Jammu instead of holding accountable those responsible for the misdemeanor has deprived the people of Jammu and Kashmir of their rights, especially considering they committed no wrongdoing whatsoever.

    When deciding on the penalty, it was essential to hold the responsible individuals accountable for their wrongdoing. However, it appears that the institution itself and the aspiring MBBS students have been punished instead. Meanwhile, those responsible for the mistake seem to have escaped consequences, as the inquiry into their actions is still ongoing with no end in sight, even after many months.

    It is however praiseworthy that the efforts of the present administration of the GMC Jammu has fortunately convinced the NMC and the barred seats have reportedly been restored. But the question is that what about those eight seats which were usurped by the national body governing the admissions? Neither the GMC Jammu is at loss nor those who committed this error but the ultimate losers were the 8 aspirants who slotted on top of the waiting list.

    Isn't is cruel joke with the youth of the region at the hands of inefficient and corrupt elements responsible for the aforesaid gaffe or the , since the matter is under probe as reportedly the findings of the aforesaid inquiry are still awaited.

    The NMC's actions should serve as a stark warning to all medical colleges: malpractice will be met with uncompromising justice. GMC Jammu's ordeal is a cautionary tale and a call to uphold the highest standards of integrity in medical .

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