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    EntertainmentEmraan Hashmi reflects on old misunderstanding with Murder co-star Mallika Sherawat

    Emraan Hashmi reflects on old misunderstanding with Murder co-star Mallika Sherawat


    Hashmi reflects on past misunderstanding with Sherawat

    Tensions between co-stars are not uncommon in the film industry, as even the closest of collaborators can have ego clashes or personal issues that strain their professional relationships.Emraan Hashmi recently opened up about just such a misunderstanding he had many years ago with his Murder co-star Mallika Sherawat during the promotion of their 2004 erotic-thriller.

    While speaking to a publication, Hashmi acknowledged that he and Sherawat engaged in a feud nearly two decades ago after some harsh words were exchanged between them during promotional events for Murder. The actor admitted they were both much younger at the time and more inclined to act rashly without fully considering the consequences.

    However, Hashmi made it clear the dispute has been settled for a long time. He recently had the opportunity to see Sherawat again in April this year at an industry event, where they warmly greeted one another and posed for pictures together. Hashmi stated Sherawat was very cordial and he was glad to reconnect after so many years had passed since their on-set collaboration.

    Looking back on their estrangement, Hashmi said it was simply a phase many people go through when they are younger and more impulsive. He holds no ill will towards Sherawat for the past disagreement. Their chance meeting proved the tensions were firmly in the past and the co-stars were able to move on from the issue.

    When asked recently about her experiences working with male actors, Sherawat also referred to her brief conflict with Hashmi as “childish” and “uncalled for”, stressing they were both at fault. She fondly remembered Hashmi as a talented and generous co-star. Their reunion showed the former co-stars were ready to let bygones be bygones and focus on the present.

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