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EditorialECI Deserves Kudos

ECI Deserves Kudos


The way the Election Commission of (ECI) has conducted the starting from the announcement of the poll schedule to till date, when the counting of votes has been accomplished in a hassle-free and fair manner, those manning the affairs of this constitutional body really deserve all the praise and good wishes for their future endeavors to make the country more stronger democratically.

As the poll mania picked up after the announcement of the schedule, there were voices among different quarters about bias and prejudice in handling the EVMs, but as the days passed, and things become clear, the parties and the people especially belonging to opposition parties have started posing confidence in the working of the ECI, which was really a positive and productive thing as far as making India democratically stronger is concerned. By the time, the results have been announced and things have become clear, the grievance of people and parties against the EVMs has been waned away, which is a very important development and the whole credit for this goes to the ECI, which has ensured that no one could take undue benefit by manipulating men or machinery in one way or the other.

Hardly, there is any grievance with regard to EVM manipulation across the country making it sure that the ECI's efforts in regaining the confidence of the people in this institution have become successful by the sincerity and dedication shown by the stakeholders. Although political opponents are being seen criticizing each other on the issue, that is a trivial matter with no sound basis since political accusations are temporary and hold very little or almost no significance as there is no evidence in such ‘blame games'.

Those sitting at helm should ensure that a precedent must be set in a manner that things should always work in such impeccable manner giving no room to the disgruntled lot to raise fingers against the ECI or any such institution, which is meant to work without taking any sides.

All said and done, hats off to ECI for conducting the polls in a precisely perfect manner starting from day 1 to the day of counting, with no significant grudges coming out from any of the parties involved in the LS polls.

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